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The Brown Bear & Polar Bear classes of St. Mark's are designed to promote the preparation of the Pre-K child for Kindergarten.  Our state certified teachers use the Creative Curriculum in order to insure that each and and every child is inspired and engaged in their learning.

The classes are carefully designed to help children reach milestones and goals which are measured throughout the year. 

Our teachers encourage each child to learn in their own way and inspire them to take their learning a step further.  The loving environement at St. Mark's is a step above the rest.  Our compassion, care and understanding encourages each child's deveopment.

Upon copletion of our preschool program your child will have been introduced to concepts they will need to be familiar with before entering kindergarten.  The year your child spends in Pre-K at St. Mark's will prepare your child for a lifetime of learning.

Pre-K Themes/Topics Covered

  • Recognizing letters upper and lower case
  • Understanding letter sounds
  • Introduction to language arts; story concepts, themes and discovery
  • Math concepts; patterns, writing & identifying numbers
  • Simple addtions and subtractions
  • Measurement
  • Time and Calendar
  • Matching and Shapes
  • Science/Current Events
  • Social Studies
  • Music and movement
  • Discovery