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St. Mark's Nursery School keeps ALL doors, including the church office and the enterrance doors locked at all times. 

Our staff will only allow parents/guardians of students or known approved of pick up persons into the building at any given time.   We have a release policy tht the staff is fully aware of as well as the parents/guardians of the students.

It is St. Mark's Nursery Scholl/Daycare/After School and Summer Camp programs to develop an emergency plan.  Our staff is trained to respond quickly and effectively to an emergency situation should one arise.

We have developed an emergency plan with specific procedures to address any event that could be a danger to our school community.  These events include but are not limited to:  fire, bomb threats, an intruder with a weapon, hostage situation, death, chemical spill, explosion or any natural diaster on property or adjacent buildings.

Order of command if an emergency should arise:

Director appoints an emergency team.  Is a public liaison with emergency service providers.  Develop internal and external communication procedures.  Implement emergency policy, hold emergency practice drills.  Maintain maps, routes transportation lists.  Ensure annual updating and revisions as needed.

Director will appoint staff to:

  • Assist the director in the overall management of the situation.
  • A liaison with police and emergency service providers.  Supervision of evacuation and emergency dismissal.
  • Supervisor of first-aid procedures, parental contact, contact with medical service providers.
  • Administrator of appropriate child records with parental contact, assist with supervision of children.

Evacuation sites:

  • Oaklyn Municipal Building
  • Oaklyn Public School
  • Aternate -VFW Hall - Manor Ave
  • Alternate # 2 - Oaklyn Community Center (behind Oaklyn School)